Types Of Impact Wrench How To Choose The Suitable One

Types of impact wrench on the market and how to choose the suitable one for yourself

There are many types of impact wrench on the market right now. As you can see the need of impact wrench is getting higher and higher. The rapid development of technology requires the tools being able to help the workers and people in hard works. Reducing the labor in heavy works is the first priority in the modern days. And the impact wrench is one of the first names in line to allow people to finish their jobs in easier ways. Especially in the engineering fields, the impact wrench has become a significant tool.

However, the market contains a lot of types of impact wrench. Here is the list of most common impact wrench you can easily find.

Types of impact wrench on the market

Types of impact wrench on the market and how to choose the suitable one for yourself

Firstly, we have air impact wrenches

As we can see from their names, these impact wrenches are powered by air. You can see these types of impact wrench in many garages, workshops or automotive repairing shops. The compressed air will flow into these wrenches through valves and hoses. Thanks to the power from compressed air, this kind of impact wrench is high-quality and good performance. This is also the reason why so many people decide to buy this one. Moreover, the compressed air impact wrenches are more convenient and safer for users. And they are easy to maintain as well as fix then things happen. Besides, they don’t weight much and take much space in your places.

Secondly, we have cordless-electric impact wrenches

This is another common impact wrench type that you can easily see nearly where. People use the electricity to power this type of impact wrench. Of course, this aspect makes this one is popular in homes and garages. You just need to plug it in the socket and switch the tool up. You can easily find a cordless-electric impact wrenches in most shops.

Thirdly, we have hydraulic impact wrenches

This type of wrenches uses the water which is under high pressure. In this way, this type of impact wrench can give you a higher torque to use. This brings this type a point in using for tighten and loosing screws as well nuts. This can be the most powerful tool in your places. Sometimes, you may see that this type is even better the compressed air impact wrenches. However, people seem to not have much interest in this type comparing to other types. And the reason is that it is complicated to apply in industries, buildings or constructions.

How to choose a suitable impact wrench for you?

There are few things you should consider when you want to buy an impact wrench. You should think about the space in your place, because some types require a lot of space to apply its system. Next thing is your need when you choose an impact wrench. You shouldn’t buy so big impact wrench while you don’t need much torque to use.

  1. Drill

A drill is a tool essentially used for making round holes or driving fasteners. Depending on each application, it could be drill or driver, and in some cases, it also consists of a hammer function to improve performance. They are mainly powered by electricity, so it is easy to adjust manually with different speed, power, and size. Drills are popularly used in woodworking, metalworking, or building projects. There are also some designs which are used in medicine, space, and miniature applications.

Types of impact wrench on the market and how to choose the suitable one for yourself

  1. Impact Wrench

An impact wrench is invented to be a socket wrench power tool with the effect is delivering high torque output by using the exertion as less as the user can. In order to do that, the impact wrench has to have a mechanism which is store energy in a rotating block, then liberating it suddenly to the output shaft. Its operations are to remove or tighten screws, bolts, and fasteners.

The comparison of Impact Wrench and Drill

In these days, with many options in the market, it is not simple to choose a tool that suits your requirements. Here is a comparison between Impact Wrench and Drill, which will help users have a clearer view and avoiding confusion.

  • First of all, the power

An impact wrench own an incredible powerful, that is meant it is much more powerful than a drill.

  • Second, the purpose of use

Because drill has a low power, it well suits to light applications such as carpentry projects, assembling furniture or DIY household. On the other hand, with an incredible power of impact wrenches, they are used in some essential professions such as auto repair shops, maintenance of machinery, massive construction projects.

  • Third, accuracy level

The drill has less torque than Impact wrench, so it is limited in some cases. However, in some tasks, this can be viewed as a positive. The first thing you can see is it is lighter than impact wrench that you can move easily, due to its lower torque and the slower rotational speed, they make sure it precise drilling.

  • Conclusion

Before you want to buy something, you should consider your purpose. Besides, based on your needs and product features, you will find the most suitable tools!

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Types Of Impact Wrench How To Choose The Suitable One

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