Tips And Tricks For Using Woodworking Hand Tool

I have worked with the hand tool woodwork since the first day I started to be a woodworker. As the beginners in this area, I have met many problems in using hand tools. And I don’t know how to make my work faster. Sometimes, I realize that I work at a slow pace in the woodshop which I really want to change that. Then after years working in this area, I finally conduct some tips and experience to have efficient and successful woodwork. Therefore, I make this article so that you can do your woodworking more efficiently. You can find more information on


The first thing I want you to remember is using the right tool for your job. It is easy to say as everyone knows that you have to use the right tool. However, people seem to skip this and use any tools that they find in their woodworking shop. Or sometimes, they have no choice as they don’t know or they don’t have the right tools. As you can see, there are many hand tools for woodworking. It is very important to understand all the tools and you have to know their usage. As the beginner, you don’t have to buy big or heavy machinery as you may not use them.

Tips and Tricks for Using Woodworking Hand Tool

What you should buy is the highest quality hand tool that you can afford. Some of you will find they are quite expensive. But you will not have to care about them in the future. Because they will work stable and this can save you lots of money and trouble.

Another tip for you is that you can design the joinery according to the size of your own tools. For example, you can lay out the dovetails and place them at the bottom of the pins. In case your pins’ bottom is as big as the chisel, you can use the chisel, and do one quick pare to remove all the waste.


What I want to say is that you should preserve your tools well. As it is necessary to keep the hand tools sharp and store them properly. Having a great tool is the secret to success in the field of woodwork. You can do your project much quicker with sharp and new tools. You can watch many videos on the internet showing you how to sharpen your hand tools. But you must remember that sharpening the woodwork hand tools has 10 different ways to do so. And you don’t need to know all of them. Just pick one or two to know which method you can do it easily but efficiently.

Tips and Tricks for Using Woodworking Hand Tool 1

Besides, you should clean and wash your tools after your working day. As you can see, the oil from your hand or the moisture trapped by sawdust and shaving can slowly destroy your hand tools. Almost all of your hand tools are made from metal which means that they are easily rusted. Some people will clean the dust off their tools first before using a microfiber dust rag. Then they soak it in Jojoba oil and leave there for a while. This method will help to remove the harmful oils as well as the moisture. And this will also protect your tools for the next time you use them.


I have shown you some tips when you work with woodworking hand tools. This is the result of my own experience. Therefore, you can check for more information from the internet.

Reference Source: Hand Tool Hacks and Modifications for Woodworking


Tips And Tricks For Using Woodworking Hand Tool

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