How To Use The Table Saw Properly?

How to use the table saw properly 1

The table saw is one of the most common and necessary woodworking power tools that you should have. However, some beginners still don’t know how to use a table saw properly. That is the reason why I make this article for you as well as all the beginners. Besides, you can check for more information from the usage guideline coming with your table saw.

Working with the table saw or any other woodworking power tools requires a high awareness of safety. This is not just about keep you safe but your partners and people working with you. Therefore, you need to know how to have a proper ripping technique. If you can learn how to make a proper ripping technique, you will be able to make long rips, skinny rips or straighten a crooked board. Hence, let’s get yourself together and follow this article. In case you want to know more, you can search for more on

How to use the table saw properly

First thing you need to remember is installing a blade guard which comes with your saw.

The blade guard we are mentioning has a splitter and an anti-kickback pawl. This seems to be standard equipment coming with every table saw. Then you should remember to check whether your table saw comes with its blade guard or not. After a time you use your table saw, it is important to clean it. You should dust it off as well as dig out your instruction manual. Then you can reinstall the blade guard after you clean it. You have to make sure this equipment is in its good condition. As you can see, this blade guard will save your fingers then giving more care to this blade guard is crucial. Besides, the splitter will prevent the board from pinching the blade and hitting you. The anti-kickback pawl will save your life with its little teeth. These teeth will grab the board. And you need to know that the less blade exposes, the safer you will be.

You can save your finger with a push stick.

Sometimes, keeping the blade guard in where it should be is not enough to have a completely safety. It is clear that you don’t want your hand to be too close to the spinning blade. Accidents can happen anytime when you work with a table saw. With a moment you lost your focus or one little slip, you may pay a finger for it. Hence, you can see how important push sticks can be. This device will save your hand as it will keep your hands at a safe distance.

How to use the table saw properly 1

Besides, woodworkers seem to like to use the push shoe also. The handle on the shoe provides you a much better grip. As a result, you can control your wood better and reduce the possibility that your hands slip off. You can easily buy this device in every shop or store supplying woodworking tools. And you shouldn’t use push sticks with lumber that can split and fall apart when you push it.


We have given you 2 small tips for using the table saw properly. There is some safety instruction that you need to follow them. Therefore, you can come to the to know more about how to use a table saw.

Reference Source: Five Minute Guide: How to Use a Tablesaw

How To Use The Table Saw Properly?

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