How To Use An Impact Wrench To Change Tires/Lug Nuts? 

An impact wrench is an invention from the earlier century, which made a huge addition to the development of the building industry. It’s everywhere, and it is also called by many different names, such as impact gun, air gun, or windy gun. It’s quite unbelievable to run a construction site or project without the appearance of specialized tools. Some other fields that contain the use of these tools are automotive repair, product assembly, and many more. 

Don’t you know that it can be more effective than an impact driver? Why? Because it accepts larger tool bits and delivers more torque. This tool is also more suitable and compatible, especially when you use it for instant lug nuts. For your information, a lug nut, or a wheel nut is a fastener that is used to secure a wheel on a vehicle. It’s found on trucks, automobiles, and many other large vehicles that use rubber tires. 

In this article, we will give you an overview of how to use an impact wrench to change tires or lug nuts. If you have already read it till here, then don’t miss the rest of the article because you will get to see incredibly effective tips! Check it out now! 

How To Use An Impact Wrench To Change Tires Lug Nuts

  1. How to use impact wrench on lug nuts?

Using this tool on lug nuts isn’t as annoying as using your bare hands. This sounds like a ridiculous statement, but it’s true! Only the experienced users know how amazing impact wrenches are in attempting to remove a lug nut. 

First thing first, set up your air compressor. An air compressor is recommended to help the tool to operate. Make sure that you have batteries with you as a backup plan if your cool tool is electrically powered. Next, connect the air hose. Hook up the air hose to the compressor. Try your best not to get the air interrupted so it can blow smoothly. 

Lubricant is important if you want to use any pneumatic power tool. Applying a few drops on the wrench will make your tool work so much smoother. You will need to reapply oil more than once, so don’t hesitate to keep one bottle of oil right by your working side. 

When things are ready, you should start connecting the tool and impact socket, the upcoming thing to connect, again is the air hose. After this step, you have to ascertain the rotation direction. From this point, you are ready to rock those lug nuts out! 

  1. How to use an impact wrench to change tires?

First of all, you need to assemble parts of your tool. If this is your first time using an impact wrench, then you should look carefully through the guidebook before you embark on anything. Then, check your connection properly. It’s necessary to do double-checking in order to avoid a hitch appearing somewhere later. 

Next, you should be testing the machine so you can establish the direction towards which the wrench spins. Don’t get the direction wrong, ok? Then, don’t forget to assign the correct speed. High torque is certainly delivered at a lower RPM, meanwhile high-Resolution delivers Low torque Per Minute. 

You also need to use the correct size of the socket to enhance your work. These steps include applying brakes, undoing the hubcap, and breaking the frozen nuts. You should remember not to jack up the tires. Next time, you can simply jump from the first steps to the core parts, since it’s not that difficult at all. 

You can use it to change tires

  1. How much torque does an impact wrench need to remove lug nuts?

The answer is 500 torques. To remove lug nuts you will need an impact wrench with a minimum of 500 ft-lbs torque. The greater the improvement of this tool, the more suitable it is for the users to use it to change tires. But first, don’t be confused between an impact driver and an impact wrench! 

It’s not easy to tell the difference between these tools by using our eyes. If you don’t trust your eyes when you are alone at the market, then we suggest you look up some typical names before you make any decision. The most popular tool that is available at the store now is KIMO 20V 1/2 Impact Wrench, the other good choices are the 20V Brushless Cordless from SnapFresh, and Ryobi P261K 18V Cordless. 

See? It’s not always easy to get yourself a good tool, but you can always find a suitable one from our suggested list! As you can see, you have all the needed information now. Are you confident enough to pick your impact wrench now? Have a good day!

Reference Source: Remove Lug Nuts with Impact Driver

How To Use An Impact Wrench To Change Tires/Lug Nuts? 

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