How to Square a Board With a Table Saw? A Step-By-Step Guide

How to Square a Board With a Table Saw 1

The table saw is a perfect choice for square cuts of wood planks. If you don’t know how to square a board with a table saw, see detailed instructions here!

When decorating the interior or exterior with wooden planks, you will need to shape them. Because most of the wooden planks are rough and rough. You will have to clean and straighten those wooden planks into boards.
If you want to square the corners of the board, you need to make the two opposite sides always parallel and equal. In this article, we will make a detailed guide for you to square a board with a table saw.
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How To Square A Board With A Table Saw

To square a board with a table saw, you first need to examine the board from start to finish. Mark the locations with a pencil and connect the points with a ruler. Next, you hold the board in a suitable position for sawing.
Now, you just start the saw and make cuts according to the drawn line. If done correctly, you will form a board with absolute square proportions.

Step 1: Considering your Flat Plank

Your plank has not been pre-processed, so it will likely be rough and curved. You will have to use a planer to flatten and smooth. Otherwise, the unevenness will cause the board to vibrate when placed on the table saw.
You can also buy pre-planed planks if you don’t want to do this step. However, a planned board can warp after a while. Hardwoods are less likely to deform over time. Therefore, you need to carefully examine both sides of the plank before taking the next step.

How to Square a Board With a Table Saw

Step 2: Flattening and Straightening One Edge of the Board

You have to shrink your board by flattening and straightening it with a saw. You must check that at least one edge of the board should be straight and flat. Otherwise, you have to straighten and flatten one edge yourself.
For rough and uneven edges, you need to use a special sled or a jointer sled. With these two machines, you can cut and create straight lines on the board easily. Even if you’re not a professional, you can still get rid of the excess on a large board.
It is important that you make a firm and firm cut. Thus, you will create a straight and square cut along with the slot of the board. Once you have such an edge, you can do the following steps precisely.

How to Square a Board With a Table Saw 1

Step 3: Squaring One Corner of the Board

From an edge that you straightened and flattened in step two, you must square an adjacent angle. The deflector will help you make the most accurate 90-degree cut. Before cutting, you need to adjust the gauge to a perfect right angle.
If you want to make a 90-degree diagonal cut, this will be more difficult to do. You must prepare a specialized cross-cut sled.
With this machine, you will not need any adjustments and still be able to create an accurate right angle. You just need to fix one edge to the fence to cut a neat line. I’m sure there won’t be any gaps if you do it right.

How to Square a Board With a Table Saw 2

Step 4: Squaring the Remaining Corners of the Board

You mark the desired size with a pencil and ruler. Pre-marking will help you create the most precise cuts. The measure of the angles and the length will be exactly the same.
Place the board in the saw-ready position. Continue to secure the cut edge to the fence of the table saw. Then you make the remaining cuts following the lines you marked until the last cut.

How to Square a Board With a Table Saw 3

Step 5: Rip-Cutting the Other Edge

You adjust the tear barrier to rip the board to the width you want. Remember to flip the board so that the cut line is right along the fence. Tap the board to the end so that the saw blade penetrates the board.
If you make the opposite sides parallel and equal, you have successfully made a square board.

Tips When Squaring a Board With a Table Saw

Considering saw table length

The saw table length will affect the fixation of long boards. The saw table is too short, and it will distort the cuts you make. You can use leftover pieces of wood to clip onto the saw table outlet. It will help keep your panels in place.

Creating a set of push sticks

You will have to bring your fingers close to the saw blade as you push the board through the saw blade. This push is very dangerous for your hands. A set of push sticks will make this easier for you.

Doing not cut too fast with a table saw

Professional carpenters are used to the use of table saws. Therefore, they will make cuts quickly and simply. But for non-specialists, the slow but steady speed will produce precise and safe cuts.


The above are our detailed instructions to square a board with a table saw. We believe it will help you complete your project in the most convenient way.
Thank you for reading!

Reference Source: How to square any piece of wood using only a table saw and a straight board

How to Square a Board With a Table Saw? A Step-By-Step Guide

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