How Do Impact Wrenches Work?

If you are a professional mechanic you will probably know of a very important tool that will help you solve some of the problems of unscrewing or screwing nuts and bolts very effectively. Nothing else, it’s the impact wrench that is an indispensable tool for mechanics. Maybe you do not know all about the number of types, each of them has its own outstanding functions and benefits the user with a feeling of extreme comfort and satisfaction about it. 

What exactly are they? They are cordless, air, and corded impact wrench. How to use them? And how do they work?

How Do Different Types Of Impact Wrenches Work?

  • How do cordless impact wrenches work?

And how do cordless impact wrenches work? Because of the cordless feature as its name suggests, it only works when there is a transfer of battery power. Batteries are the main source of creating energy. 

The motor builds up energy using the rotation and then pushes it into an anvil that’s located at the end of the tool. This creates an enormous amount of torque. 

How do impact wrenches work

  • How do air impact wrenches work?

So, how does it work? Absolutely, this device will create power from the air. The tool works by delivering high output torques. It exerts significant impacts on screwing or unscrewing more easily than any other device. These tools are operated by air, central power, or battery. How does an impact gun work?

  • How do corded impact wrenches work

How does this tool work? This process is quite complicated compared to the two previous products.

A tool has an electric motor that applies a sudden, intense twisting motion to the recalcitrant lug nut, usually in short bursts. How do they work next? Then, it will bring some movement for unscrewing or screwing nuts and bolts easily. Do you know “how does a pneumatic impact wrench work?”

You can choose a tool that’s right for your job by researching the benefits and how each one works. 

Advantages of types

  • Advantages of cordless impact wrench

Firstly, when it comes to these products, it would be convenient for mechanics to bring them wherever they want. All you need to bring to work is a strong battery for the cordless impact wrenches.  In addition, due to its features, it also brings comfort to the user compared to the rest. 

Sometimes a power outage will also interrupt your work while you are assembling or maintaining your car. So to solve this situation, this tool has been designed, manufactured, and published to the market. 

  • Advantages of air impact wrench

There are several styles of these wrenches, which can satisfy all requirements of demanding customers. In particular, they have two basic grip styles: pistol grip and in-line grip. As the name implies, pistol-grip handles resemble the handle and trigger assembly of a standard pistol. 

Each mechanic prefers different models of tools, so the creativity of the Cordless wrench impact is essential. And you know, battery-powered impact wrenches don’t generate as much sound and vibration as their pneumatic counterparts. And their batteries also come in different power levels such as 12 volts, 18 volts, 20 volts, and so on. 

When using the same amperage, using different types of batteries gives different results. So you can absolutely choose for yourself the most suitable battery of Cordless wrench impact. Secondly, the air impact wrench is also wonderful because of its benefits. A tool with a linear valve type trigger for easy adjustment of rotational speed.

Moreover, it uses a latching clutch hammer to improve continuous impact efficiency and increase torque greatly. Of course, an air impact wrench can be used for different jobs like other tools. 

With extremely high performance, this tool delivers a maximum torque of 600 foot-pounds and offers enough power to install and remove stubborn bolts, lug nuts, and other hardy fasteners.

However, you can completely adjust the performance of this tool to your wish. With its compact design, it did not make mechanics tired when using it and the contoured handle makes it easy to carry and control. 

That is so amazing for added convenience, this quality tool arrives fully lubricated, so it’s ready to use right out of the box. You will not lose time to test or use this product, you can use this product as soon as you open the box. 

  • Advantages of corded electric impact wrench

And the last type of this awesome tool is a corded impact wrench. Similar to the air one, it also brings comfort to the user. Easy one-handed forward or reverse switch, and a rubberized grip for added comfort and reduced fatigue. When it comes to durability, the corded impact wrench will probably rank first. 

Because it is designed with quite special materials, its durability is great. Although having a cord is quite inconvenient, with a very long cord, this tool did not disappoint customers. 

Therefore, an impact work wrench or an air impact work or a pneumatic impact wrench are also awesome. 


How To Use An Impact Wrench To Change Tires/Lug Nuts? 

An impact wrench is an invention from the earlier century, which made a huge addition to the development of the building industry. It’s everywhere, and it is also called by many different names, such as impact gun, air gun, or windy gun. It’s quite unbelievable to run a construction site or project without the appearance of specialized tools. Some other fields that contain the use of these tools are automotive repair, product assembly, and many more. 

Don’t you know that it can be more effective than an impact driver? Why? Because it accepts larger tool bits and delivers more torque. This tool is also more suitable and compatible, especially when you use it for instant lug nuts. For your information, a lug nut, or a wheel nut is a fastener that is used to secure a wheel on a vehicle. It’s found on trucks, automobiles, and many other large vehicles that use rubber tires. 

In this article, we will give you an overview of how to use an impact wrench to change tires or lug nuts. If you have already read it till here, then don’t miss the rest of the article because you will get to see incredibly effective tips! Check it out now! 

How To Use An Impact Wrench To Change Tires Lug Nuts

  1. How to use impact wrench on lug nuts?

Using this tool on lug nuts isn’t as annoying as using your bare hands. This sounds like a ridiculous statement, but it’s true! Only the experienced users know how amazing impact wrenches are in attempting to remove a lug nut. 

First thing first, set up your air compressor. An air compressor is recommended to help the tool to operate. Make sure that you have batteries with you as a backup plan if your cool tool is electrically powered. Next, connect the air hose. Hook up the air hose to the compressor. Try your best not to get the air interrupted so it can blow smoothly. 

Lubricant is important if you want to use any pneumatic power tool. Applying a few drops on the wrench will make your tool work so much smoother. You will need to reapply oil more than once, so don’t hesitate to keep one bottle of oil right by your working side. 

When things are ready, you should start connecting the tool and impact socket, the upcoming thing to connect, again is the air hose. After this step, you have to ascertain the rotation direction. From this point, you are ready to rock those lug nuts out! 

  1. How to use an impact wrench to change tires?

First of all, you need to assemble parts of your tool. If this is your first time using an impact wrench, then you should look carefully through the guidebook before you embark on anything. Then, check your connection properly. It’s necessary to do double-checking in order to avoid a hitch appearing somewhere later. 

Next, you should be testing the machine so you can establish the direction towards which the wrench spins. Don’t get the direction wrong, ok? Then, don’t forget to assign the correct speed. High torque is certainly delivered at a lower RPM, meanwhile high-Resolution delivers Low torque Per Minute. 

You also need to use the correct size of the socket to enhance your work. These steps include applying brakes, undoing the hubcap, and breaking the frozen nuts. You should remember not to jack up the tires. Next time, you can simply jump from the first steps to the core parts, since it’s not that difficult at all. 

You can use it to change tires

  1. How much torque does an impact wrench need to remove lug nuts?

The answer is 500 torques. To remove lug nuts you will need an impact wrench with a minimum of 500 ft-lbs torque. The greater the improvement of this tool, the more suitable it is for the users to use it to change tires. But first, don’t be confused between an impact driver and an impact wrench! 

It’s not easy to tell the difference between these tools by using our eyes. If you don’t trust your eyes when you are alone at the market, then we suggest you look up some typical names before you make any decision. The most popular tool that is available at the store now is KIMO 20V 1/2 Impact Wrench, the other good choices are the 20V Brushless Cordless from SnapFresh, and Ryobi P261K 18V Cordless. 

See? It’s not always easy to get yourself a good tool, but you can always find a suitable one from our suggested list! As you can see, you have all the needed information now. Are you confident enough to pick your impact wrench now? Have a good day!

Reference Source: Remove Lug Nuts with Impact Driver

Tips And Tricks For Using Woodworking Hand Tool

I have worked with the hand tool woodwork since the first day I started to be a woodworker. As the beginners in this area, I have met many problems in using hand tools. And I don’t know how to make my work faster. Sometimes, I realize that I work at a slow pace in the woodshop which I really want to change that. Then after years working in this area, I finally conduct some tips and experience to have efficient and successful woodwork. Therefore, I make this article so that you can do your woodworking more efficiently. You can find more information on


The first thing I want you to remember is using the right tool for your job. It is easy to say as everyone knows that you have to use the right tool. However, people seem to skip this and use any tools that they find in their woodworking shop. Or sometimes, they have no choice as they don’t know or they don’t have the right tools. As you can see, there are many hand tools for woodworking. It is very important to understand all the tools and you have to know their usage. As the beginner, you don’t have to buy big or heavy machinery as you may not use them.

Tips and Tricks for Using Woodworking Hand Tool

What you should buy is the highest quality hand tool that you can afford. Some of you will find they are quite expensive. But you will not have to care about them in the future. Because they will work stable and this can save you lots of money and trouble.

Another tip for you is that you can design the joinery according to the size of your own tools. For example, you can lay out the dovetails and place them at the bottom of the pins. In case your pins’ bottom is as big as the chisel, you can use the chisel, and do one quick pare to remove all the waste.


What I want to say is that you should preserve your tools well. As it is necessary to keep the hand tools sharp and store them properly. Having a great tool is the secret to success in the field of woodwork. You can do your project much quicker with sharp and new tools. You can watch many videos on the internet showing you how to sharpen your hand tools. But you must remember that sharpening the woodwork hand tools has 10 different ways to do so. And you don’t need to know all of them. Just pick one or two to know which method you can do it easily but efficiently.

Tips and Tricks for Using Woodworking Hand Tool 1

Besides, you should clean and wash your tools after your working day. As you can see, the oil from your hand or the moisture trapped by sawdust and shaving can slowly destroy your hand tools. Almost all of your hand tools are made from metal which means that they are easily rusted. Some people will clean the dust off their tools first before using a microfiber dust rag. Then they soak it in Jojoba oil and leave there for a while. This method will help to remove the harmful oils as well as the moisture. And this will also protect your tools for the next time you use them.


I have shown you some tips when you work with woodworking hand tools. This is the result of my own experience. Therefore, you can check for more information from the internet.

Reference Source: Hand Tool Hacks and Modifications for Woodworking


Woodworking Power Tools That You Should Have

As you can see, the woodworking jobs is changing day by day. Because of the development of technology, the woodworkers don’t need to spend much time and labor to finish a project anymore. The woodworking power tools are made to help them with this. Not only these tools help them save time and make more money, but they also help to make their job a lot safer. However, you have to follow the safety instruction after all. As a beginner, you may not know whether you should have the woodworking power tools or what kinds you should have. I know what you are confusing as that is what I used to think about as a beginner. Therefore, I decide to make this article to help you answer your question. And you can come to see more information on the

  1. The table saw is the first thing I want to recommend.

I don’t need to tell you much about the usage of this power tool. Some people will want to buy portable power tools first. But this is their mistakes if they do that. The table saw can be not portable but it is necessary for woodworking. But you must consider the size of a table saw you want to have. Because this will depend on the space of your woodworking shop. The benefit you can have from it is that you can make the accurate and efficient cut with a table saw. Besides, this power tool can deal with many types of wood then.

Woodworking power tools that you should have

  1. Next, you should buy a circular saw.

Many people claim and believe that a circular saw is suitable for carpentry but not a good choice for delicate woodworking. However, a circular saw’s cutting versatility is something that other tools cannot give you. Moreover, this is ideal for working with hard and tough materials like plywood or fiberglass. In case, your woodworking shop is too small or you can buy a table saw then a circular saw can be a solution. This should be in your list must-buy woodworking power tools, but you need to read the safety guidelines when you use a circular saw.

Woodworking power tools that you should have

  1. Compound Miter Saw is the next thing you should buy.

A compound saw is the next saw that you need to have in your woodworking shop. You have to buy this big power tool if you want to be professional in woodworking. This is used to make compound-angled cuts. These cuts are usually seen as the ends of the wood. This compound miter saw is much powerful than other power saws. People design it to possibly cut through most materials without any difficulties.

Moreover, this compound miter saw can make the accurate cut that you need. And you should put your budget into consideration next time you look for a compound miter saw.


We have given you some most basic information about what woodworking power tools you should buy. However, there are more types and kinds of woodworking power tools that you need to buy. You can ask for advice from your friends as experts or search for more on the internet.

Reference Source: Woodworking tools for beginners



How To Use The Table Saw Properly?

The table saw is one of the most common and necessary woodworking power tools that you should have. However, some beginners still don’t know how to use a table saw properly. That is the reason why I make this article for you as well as all the beginners. Besides, you can check for more information from the usage guideline coming with your table saw.

Working with the table saw or any other woodworking power tools requires a high awareness of safety. This is not just about keep you safe but your partners and people working with you. Therefore, you need to know how to have a proper ripping technique. If you can learn how to make a proper ripping technique, you will be able to make long rips, skinny rips or straighten a crooked board. Hence, let’s get yourself together and follow this article. In case you want to know more, you can search for more on

How to use the table saw properly

First thing you need to remember is installing a blade guard which comes with your saw.

The blade guard we are mentioning has a splitter and an anti-kickback pawl. This seems to be standard equipment coming with every table saw. Then you should remember to check whether your table saw comes with its blade guard or not. After a time you use your table saw, it is important to clean it. You should dust it off as well as dig out your instruction manual. Then you can reinstall the blade guard after you clean it. You have to make sure this equipment is in its good condition. As you can see, this blade guard will save your fingers then giving more care to this blade guard is crucial. Besides, the splitter will prevent the board from pinching the blade and hitting you. The anti-kickback pawl will save your life with its little teeth. These teeth will grab the board. And you need to know that the less blade exposes, the safer you will be.

You can save your finger with a push stick.

Sometimes, keeping the blade guard in where it should be is not enough to have a completely safety. It is clear that you don’t want your hand to be too close to the spinning blade. Accidents can happen anytime when you work with a table saw. With a moment you lost your focus or one little slip, you may pay a finger for it. Hence, you can see how important push sticks can be. This device will save your hand as it will keep your hands at a safe distance.

How to use the table saw properly 1

Besides, woodworkers seem to like to use the push shoe also. The handle on the shoe provides you a much better grip. As a result, you can control your wood better and reduce the possibility that your hands slip off. You can easily buy this device in every shop or store supplying woodworking tools. And you shouldn’t use push sticks with lumber that can split and fall apart when you push it.


We have given you 2 small tips for using the table saw properly. There is some safety instruction that you need to follow them. Therefore, you can come to the to know more about how to use a table saw.

Reference Source: Five Minute Guide: How to Use a Tablesaw

Why Should You Need A Power Tool Box?

Nowadays people tend to use more and more powerful tools. These power tools have proved that they are suitable and necessary for doing jobs requiring a lot of labor. In fact, people can do things easier and faster with the help of these tools. For example, you can save your time and money in fixing your roof or your garden with the help of power tools. You can use them to open or close the bolt, tap or something like that. In general, you can understand that these tools are basically a tool using the additional power source and mechanism.

Why should you need a power tool box

Depending on the need and the requirement, there are many types of power tools on the market right now. And there are more and more designs coming out as many jobs need special power tools. However, you can find that there are just some basic kinds of power tools. The most common power tool type we know is running by electric. And you can also find some other kinds like pneumatic or hydraulic power tools. The appliance of them is wide. People can use them in the gardening, construction, industry or even some house tasks. Some common tasks that you can think about using the help of these tools like cutting metal or some tough things, drilling, sanding, grinding, etc. You can check out more information on the website. It contains all things you need to know.

Why should you keep the power tools in their boxes?

When you buy a power tool, they will always give it to you with a power tool box. In general, you will see the power tool box look pretty much like a briefcase. It is designed to make carrying the power tool easily and safely. As you can see, the power tools seem to be heavy to injure people when accidents happen. It can fall down to your feet for example. Therefore, you must remember to put your power tools in their box when you want to take them with you.

Why should you need a power tool box 1

Besides, power tools tend to have long wires with them. These can be the wires to connect to the electricity socket or the air compressed tank. Then it will not such a good idea if you don’t have a power toolbox to keep it. The power tool boxes usually are made from hard plastics or composite materials. They are hard and durable enough to bear the damage and impact in the progress you use them. Moreover, people also designed it to be easy to open but good seal to make sure the power tool cannot fall out.

Now the producers try to present on the market the power tool boxes that can carry more than 1 power tool. Saving space is the next benefit of power toolboxes. You can see that your garage or working shop will be tidier if you use the power toolboxes to keep them. They also will make you look more professional while you go to work. Therefore, you should remember to use the power tool boxes to store the power tools next time.



Things You Should Consider When You Buy Accessories For Power Tools

The power tools nowadays have become important tools in every automobile shop, factories, and constructions. People seem to love using them as they are powerful, reliable and easy to operate. However, some power tools have their own accessories that will get you into a specific job such as woodworking project. Some producers provide an accessory kit for you to use in many projects you can come into around your house.

We strongly recommend you to buy these tools if you don’t want to buy any power tools. However, you should know about the power tools which you can find on before you decide to buy a power tool with or without accessories. Here is a list of some accessories you can check out.

  1. The accessories for Drills.

A drill is one of the most common types of power tool that you can think of. The appliance of it is wide in many projects. The drill bits that you are going to buy are based on the purpose you use the drill and the material that you drill. If you buy carbon drill bits, you should use them on the wood materials. You can choose between the twisted drill bit and the braided point. They will give you different shapes of the hole which depends on what you want. The countersink drill bit is highly recommended as it will help you make a professional hole. When you work with ceramic or glass, you should choose the tile bit to use.

Things you should consider when you buy accessories for power tools

  1. The accessories for the wood router.

This one is the power tool designed especially for detailing, carving and engraving on wood. There are many accessories and tips for you to choose your wood router. You can check information on the to know more. The router table is a good thing for you as it can assist you in making the straightest cut.

  1. The accessories for the saw.

The first thing you should consider when you buy the blade of saw is the size and type. Don’t make the mistake by purchasing the wrong size and type. This can be highly dangerous as the blade can be damaged when you use the wrong materials. As you may know, the blades of circular saws have a wide range in their teeth width. You should be careful in choosing the width of your saw’s blade. Moreover, the saw can come with other accessories like guides, fences or gauges. You can possibly make a difficult cut with the help of these accessories.

Things you should consider when you buy accessories for power tools 1

  1. The accessories for the power sander.

There are many types of sandpaper that you can use. You gotta make sure that you know what kind of sandpaper that you need for your projects. A dust bag is an accessory coming with the power sander. It will help you to collect the dust by capturing and holding the dust. It is a wise choice if you care for your health.

Reference Source: You Only NEED 2 POWER TOOLS!! (Here’s What They Are…2 MOST IMPORTANT Power Tools)

Types Of Impact Wrench How To Choose The Suitable One

There are many types of impact wrench on the market right now. As you can see the need of impact wrench is getting higher and higher. The rapid development of technology requires the tools being able to help the workers and people in hard works. Reducing the labor in heavy works is the first priority in the modern days. And the impact wrench is one of the first names in line to allow people to finish their jobs in easier ways. Especially in the engineering fields, the impact wrench has become a significant tool.

However, the market contains a lot of types of impact wrench. Here is the list of most common impact wrench you can easily find.

Types of impact wrench on the market

Types of impact wrench on the market and how to choose the suitable one for yourself

Firstly, we have air impact wrenches

As we can see from their names, these impact wrenches are powered by air. You can see these types of impact wrench in many garages, workshops or automotive repairing shops. The compressed air will flow into these wrenches through valves and hoses. Thanks to the power from compressed air, this kind of impact wrench is high-quality and good performance. This is also the reason why so many people decide to buy this one. Moreover, the compressed air impact wrenches are more convenient and safer for users. And they are easy to maintain as well as fix then things happen. Besides, they don’t weight much and take much space in your places.

Secondly, we have cordless-electric impact wrenches

This is another common impact wrench type that you can easily see nearly where. People use the electricity to power this type of impact wrench. Of course, this aspect makes this one is popular in homes and garages. You just need to plug it in the socket and switch the tool up. You can easily find a cordless-electric impact wrenches in most shops.

Thirdly, we have hydraulic impact wrenches

This type of wrenches uses the water which is under high pressure. In this way, this type of impact wrench can give you a higher torque to use. This brings this type a point in using for tighten and loosing screws as well nuts. This can be the most powerful tool in your places. Sometimes, you may see that this type is even better the compressed air impact wrenches. However, people seem to not have much interest in this type comparing to other types. And the reason is that it is complicated to apply in industries, buildings or constructions.

How to choose a suitable impact wrench for you?

There are few things you should consider when you want to buy an impact wrench. You should think about the space in your place, because some types require a lot of space to apply its system. Next thing is your need when you choose an impact wrench. You shouldn’t buy so big impact wrench while you don’t need much torque to use.

  1. Drill

A drill is a tool essentially used for making round holes or driving fasteners. Depending on each application, it could be drill or driver, and in some cases, it also consists of a hammer function to improve performance. They are mainly powered by electricity, so it is easy to adjust manually with different speed, power, and size. Drills are popularly used in woodworking, metalworking, or building projects. There are also some designs which are used in medicine, space, and miniature applications.

Types of impact wrench on the market and how to choose the suitable one for yourself

  1. Impact Wrench

An impact wrench is invented to be a socket wrench power tool with the effect is delivering high torque output by using the exertion as less as the user can. In order to do that, the impact wrench has to have a mechanism which is store energy in a rotating block, then liberating it suddenly to the output shaft. Its operations are to remove or tighten screws, bolts, and fasteners.

The comparison of Impact Wrench and Drill

In these days, with many options in the market, it is not simple to choose a tool that suits your requirements. Here is a comparison between Impact Wrench and Drill, which will help users have a clearer view and avoiding confusion.

  • First of all, the power

An impact wrench own an incredible powerful, that is meant it is much more powerful than a drill.

  • Second, the purpose of use

Because drill has a low power, it well suits to light applications such as carpentry projects, assembling furniture or DIY household. On the other hand, with an incredible power of impact wrenches, they are used in some essential professions such as auto repair shops, maintenance of machinery, massive construction projects.

  • Third, accuracy level

The drill has less torque than Impact wrench, so it is limited in some cases. However, in some tasks, this can be viewed as a positive. The first thing you can see is it is lighter than impact wrench that you can move easily, due to its lower torque and the slower rotational speed, they make sure it precise drilling.

  • Conclusion

Before you want to buy something, you should consider your purpose. Besides, based on your needs and product features, you will find the most suitable tools!

Reference Source: Choosing Your First Battery Impact Wrench for DIY Automotive Work

Woodworking Tools For Beginners

This article is made for all the beginners in the woodworking field. As you all can see, this is quite confusing and difficult for you to know what you should buy. I will show you some tools so that you can have basic information about what you should have. Then you can check for more information on the website This will help you understand woodworking tools features, brands, and models.

First, you should buy or build by yourself a solid wooden workbench.

It is obvious that you need a wooden workbench to start a project with woodworking tools. Some people say that it is the center of a traditional woodworker’s workshop. However, you can replace it with anything that can allow you to place wood for planning and sawing. Or you can use clamps to secure your project. This is the solution for you if you cannot afford a wooden workbench.

Woodworking tools for beginners



However, we highly recommend you to have a wooden workbench. It is no matter what you build a workbench or you make it by yourself. If you want to build one, you can check the tutor on the internet or ask for help from any experts that you know. You will see it is worth having one in the future.

Buying a jack plane is what you should do next.

A jack plane is important for you to work with wood in your woodshop. And the jack plane is the best option for people who have a short budget. Because you can use this plane as an alternator for other planes and the jack plane can perform the specialized functions then you can temporarily use it. For example, you can use it for rough stock removal, jointing board edges or you can use it for smoothing the boards. This will save you some money so that you don’t need to buy too many tools from the beginning. However, it can take you a little more time to finish the job.

Of course, you should buy a dedicated smoothing plane or jointer plane later. But a jack plane can be ideal for beginners. And when you don’t have any planes but a jack plane, you will still also know what to do in the future.

Let’s buy a two-hand saw

Woodworking tools for beginners 1

When you work with wood, sawing seems to be the most common task that you will have to do. Therefore, it is necessary for you to have a two-hand saw. Many people call this as the panel saw so that you will not have to be confused in next time you come to buy one. This tool has the same function as a hand saw. However, you can use this panel for big wood or some oversize wood panels. Besides, you can ask for help from other people or your partner if you have this panel saw. This tool is common and cheap so that you don’t need to worry about the price. But we have to remind you that you have to refurbish and sharpen it regularly.


We only give you some most common woodworking tools that you should have. There are more tools that you need to know. If you want to know more, you can check more information on the internet like